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inspired by Erik Satie, Gnossienne 1



may everything I think I know

about myself slip to the floor—

straight jacket, hair shirt, corset—

may whatever remains stay naked,

unable to don even cashmere, even silk

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One Eventual




walking the dark alley of grief

afraid of what I might find—


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Yet Another Layer

Steeping so long

in this coat of shoulds

I forgot it was on

’til slipping out by accident

I see it hanging separate

while I stand bare

and strangely new,

wondering what this naked

soul can do.

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Human Nature

Somewhere inside us
is a wolf hunting for prey
and marking its territory.
It prowls the perimeter
of our thoughts, scratching
and leaving its scent. There is also
a rabbit in there
who has not yet figured out
she’s wearing a bear costume
that her mom dressed her in long ago.
The wolf has kept its distance
until now, but that rabbit
is getting hot and thinking
how nice it might be to sit out in the field
and feel the sun on her back.
If she takes off that heavy coat,
she will learn fear.
If she doesn’t, she will never
learn who she is.

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One Conversation

heart to heart
with myself, the eavesdropping crow
calls liar, liar

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field, thief, woman, stone,
there is nothing the falling
snow does not kiss


I could not bloom
for you until I opened
for myself

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