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I’m tired, she said, but she meant,
I wish you would make the dinner.
Oh, he said, and he made her a bed.
Thank you, she said, but she meant,
Why don’t you know how to read my mind?
You’re welcome, he said, and went off
to make the dinner.


It’s cold out, she said, but she meant,
I wish that you would hold me. I’ll get you
a sweater, he said. She said, Will you
please help me put it on? What
she meant was, I wish you would hold me.
He looked at her aslant. She said,
What are you looking at? What she meant
was I wish you would hold me.

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There are doors
we never see.
Just this morning
I failed to find
the door that would have led me
to a deeper understanding of your heart.
Sometimes it’s hidden
because we do not find the handle.
Sometimes because we try the handle once
and the door sticks,
a trick into thinking
it is locked.
And sometimes,
distracted by a leaf, a siren,
a blue, blue sky, the door
stands wide open
and still we walk by.

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