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I keep in my pocket

a handful of colons


to pull out in times of need,

you know, for those times


when I’m just not sure

what I’m trying to say.


That’s what a colon’s for.

It says, “Here’s what I mean.”


It’s a way to introduce things,

and you know how valuable


introductions can be.

Something’s so fine about a colon:


  1. the symmetry, of course,
  2. the simplicity, and


  1. the way that it joins

two independent clauses.


And what are you,

really, my love, but one


independent clause,

and what am I but a second,


ever trying to explain,

interpret or expand


on the first. And that

colon between us?


Two stars in an intimate

constellation. Two points


on a map that leads

only in. Twin cherry buds

on an invisible limb

just before they bloom.


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