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for Brooke McNamara

She met me with a succulent,
a giant aloe tucked under one arm,
its long thick leaves standing tall.
How could I not think, then,
of how we are all succulents, really,
learning to evolve in times of drought.
We have learned how not to die
in times of neglect.
Discovered beyond doubt
we are survivors.
I cradled her face then,
the woman with the aloe,
grateful for whatever sweet intuition
suggested she carry an aloe
across highways, through town,
grateful she knew how to honor
what is most determined in us
to thrive, how to honor
the ways in which we carry
the medicine we most need.
I held her, then,
as if our lives depended on it,
as if touch were as essential
to growth as water.
As if, with gratefulness,
I could be sunshine for her
the way she was soil for me.

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