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I came here to fail.
To fall. To miss.
To screw up.
To backfire.
To founder.
To lose. To come
to nothing.
Ah. Now
we’re getting
I am here and
I am everywhere
but here. I am
a mess—precisely.
I am yours and
owned by no one.
I am no so and so.
If it could be any
other way, it would
be. But it
is like this.
Oh thank you world
a hundred hundred
times for this chance
to stumble, to lurch,
to slip.

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Somewhere a door
is hinging—open and
less open and not

at all open and open.
All day I feel it.
All day, I know

there is not a thing
I can do about that swinging
except notice how the light

changes, notice how soft
the breeze, and how cold,
notice how the urge

to do something about
that door rises and
and passes, notice

how the sun breaks through.

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