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From Here to There

What do you want to bridge?
            —Kayleen Asbo, “Blessing Thread, “Wales and Ireland”

Forever may I build
this bridge between you
and me, build it with words
sincere and strong,
and when the words
don’t quite reach,
I’ll build the bridge with silence,
and when silence
falls short, I’ll build it
with longing, and if
the longing won’t span
the gap, I’ll fill in what’s left
with history, with hope,
with facts, with fantasy,
jazz, poetry, shoelaces,
old gum, feathers, toothpicks,
candlewax, gauze of ruined dreams,
almosts, apple peels, I swear
I will use anything it takes
to build this bridge,
and when it falls apart as bridges do,
I’ll build it again. With my bones,
with my tears, with my shadow,
my light.

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Before the planting

of the seeds,

the preparation

to plant the seeds—

too soon for the soil,

of course, but

here, the hands

of the planter.

Rose milk lotion. Rest.

The time for verbs,


These long nights,

the time for dreams.

Out of darkness,


unstoppable budding,

sweet frolicsome riots

of soft and feral pink.

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