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for Sherry
All it takes is one moonless night
to realize how grateful I am
for those who bring light to the world—
I am thinking of my friend
who travels with lanterns
and hangs them from doorways
wherever she stays.
How she brings long strands of fairy lights
powered by tiny batteries
and then passes them out like party favors
so people might wrap themselves in the glow
and know themselves as carriers of light.   
How today she mailed me a photo
of me and a friend doubled over laughing
with a bright pink stickie note flashing “favorite!”
so that even the mail luminesces.
How, even in the darkest of hours,
she brings her gift for seeing good in others,
and she beacons, she candles, she moons, she stars.

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Want to spread a little generosity, kindness and love in the world? Join the Secret Agents of Change August 19-25. Sherry Richert Belul and I will be hosting a week’s worth of secret missions–small, quick acts of kindness for you to extend to others. And this time around, we have daily double agent assignments in which you can show kindness to yourself, too.

To register for the emails to be sent your inbox daily, click here. Each email will include a printable poem, the prompts, and a link to a video of Rosemerry reading the poem and Sherry talking about the mission.

To share stories about how your daily mission went, join our public facebook group here. The fabulous thing about sharing these stories … it’s just a whole lot of good news, a great way to restore your faith in humanity. Inspiring to see what your fellow secret agents are up to!

We hope you will join us for Operation Love!


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Dear Friends,

A week or so ago, I sent a poem titled Secret Agents, which outlined the story of a woman I have not yet met (Sherry Richert Belul) who sent me $5 in the mail as a reminder that abundance is everywhere. Since then, a small secret agent revolution has been happening, and Sherry and I have launched Secret Agents of Change!

On Feb. 17, Random Acts of Kindness Day, we will start our Secret Agent Challenge: Operation Love–seven days of simple “assignments” that spread secret joy, good-will and kindness in the world around you. Will you join us?

Here is a link to a video in which we talk about how we met through small acts of kindness and how we decided to create the Secret Agents of Change.

And here is a link to join our Facebook group, which is how we will be giving out the secret missions.

If you are eager to be part of the Secret Agent Challenge but don’t belong to Facebook, then email me. I am sure we can come up with some way to get you involved and in the loop! It’s a kindness revolution!



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