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Have you listened yet to the podcast I cohost on creative process, Emerging Form?

emerging form

It’s so fun! Every other week, science writer Christie Aschwanden and I take on a new subject, and this week it’s how to tackle subjects that bring up fear, shame, sadness, and anger. Engaging in a creative project can be hard enough when the subject matter is fun. But what about when it’s emotionally taxing, too? In this episode, we talk about many techniques for working with topics that make us uneasy—from changing perspective to creating rituals. Then we talk with Thea Deley, speaker, writer and improviser, and ask her two questions: 1) When do you know you are ready to write about something difficult—what is the role of perspective, and 2) How do you navigate stories that might hurt someone? We are interested in your answers to these questions, too!

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