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Here, darling, there is no x
to mark it, and the path has been
erased so many times the paper
has worn thin, but perhaps you
will recognize here in the crease
the stand of trees where once we sat
beneath the vacant aspen and said
the truest words we knew.
You were on track then, my heart
emptying into your palm as you
pressed it into my skin. To the north,
a window with blue neon blinking Yes, Yes,
Yes, Yes, and to the south a book with
unfilled pages and to the east, of course,
the sun as it rises and rises again and the west
is apparently off the map, but I am here,
darling, cursing the map myself, noticing
the scale is inconsistent and the markers
so cryptic. Who made this map, anyway?
But here I am, here I am, closer to you
than your own hand. It is a marvel
we manage to miss each other, but
here I am, love, here I am.

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