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Just when you think you know who you are,
you take a closer look at your heart
and notice it is marked
with the whorls and loops and arches
of everyone you’ve ever loved
and everyone who has ever loved you—
those who left you, who broke you,
and those who still charm and nourish you.
As if the heart’s reason for being
is simply to be shaped and reshaped
by the hands of the world.
As if the detectives of love
could visit your heart
with their fingerprint powder
and lifting tape and unfold the mystery
of how you became who you are,
fashioned by the uniqueness of others,
discovering your heart
is not a crime scene at all,
but a rare and incomparable work of art.

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And if they tried

to match the whirl

of my fingerprint,

they’d learn my true

identity is galaxy,

close cousin to the fern,

and sister to the nautilus.

They’d learn I’m most definitely

guilty of Fibonacci.

I leave evidence


invisible swirls,

reminders that I,

too, am hurricane,

eddy, whirlpool,

and sunflower head.

I have been marked

like the pinecone,

spiraling out from the center,

and there’s nothing

I won’t touch.

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Just when I think
I am perfectly lost
I have to get
my fingerprints taken,
proof that not only am I
still here, but I am
indentified, classified, filed away,
and able to located.
No matter how many layers
of stories I have shed,
how many lifetimes
I think I have left behind,
no matter how many
shells of myself I have broken through,
no matter how much
I might like to think
I have changed
I am marked by the same
ten whorls. Oh be humble,
woman, and make way
for the light
to move in.

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