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            —for Art Goodtimes

When I was clay,
was mud, was
slurry, was sludge,
he said, Fly,
beautiful bird,
high and low.
When I was
nothing, he said,
I am honored
to be your friend.
When there was
nothing to be said,
he sat with me.
We breathed in
deep sadness.
We breathed out love.
All around us,
the grass grew.
Inside, I felt it,
as if his words
were prophecy,
I knew it,
the possibility
of wings.


Hi friends, 

I realized tonight that it was a year ago yesterday that I resumed writing poems after a 7-week break after my son’s death. That break was so important–to give myself utterly over to meeting each moment and living into whatever showed up. And returning to writing was also so important–to give in to the practice of showing up with language, being very curious about what is here, and then doing my very best to tell the truth of it. 

Tonight’s poem was inspired by an email I just reread from that time in which my beautiful, soul-growing, long-time mentor, Art Goodtimes said to me, among other things, Fly beautiful bird, high and low. It meant the world to me. 

And so, considering tonight’s poem, it feels appropriate to share with you tonight an article that came out today in Shoutout Colorado!, in which at the end I honor Art’s influence in my life (though there is, as you will see, a misplaced paragraph in the middle of the article that should go at the end?? you’ll figure it out, because it makes no sense otherwise). 
The article also talks about collaboration, the importance of practice, of “giving it away,” learning when to not give it away, and the joys of taking the slow track.

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If you could use some good news, find your way to DOOGOOD Stories, an international site hosted in Finland, sharing stories of random acts of kindness around the world and their ripple effects.

If you scroll around, you’ll find where I talk about one of my mentors, Art Goodtimes, and how a simple and personal interaction 25 years ago changed everything about how I meet the world, and how that random act of kindness is one of the seeds that made this site and the daily poems happen.

Check it out!




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for Art


sparring with an old friend,

each round, loving

him more deeply

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Wild Rose … she dances on tables with death. She lights the whole house on fire. She does absinth shots with God. She has a real good time. Hope you can join her and her good pal McRedeye as they perform in Telluride on Feb. 21 at Telluride Arts and in Fruita as they perform at Lithic Books …

Read all about it, and see a few pix of the crazed duo here: Telluride Inside And Out: Wild Rose & McRedeye

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Hi friends … if you’re near the Front Range this weekend, I hope you will join me and Art Goodtimes and Judyth Hill at our debut performances as AJAR~a poetry troupe … who knows what might happen?


On Friday, June 17, we will read 7-8 p.m. at Innisfree in Boulder (http://innisfreepoetry.com/) … an entire bookstore of poetry. I LOVE that this store exists.


On Saturday, June 18, we will be reading 7-9 p.m. at the Book Bar in Denver, (http://www.bookbardenver.com/event ) a bookshop and wine bar … fabulous!


I promise it will be fun …



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In honor of one of Colorado’s most generous, gifted poets, the Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival invites anyone and everyone to come share in the joy and communion of poetry. Both intimate and exuberant, the festival events just might inspire you, might make you fall deeper in love with the world.

I’ll be co-teaching a class on William Stafford and Dolores LaChapelle with Art Goodtimes at 10 a.m. on Saturday, plus attending other incredible workshops and performances. Let’s play!

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Sideshow Emporium and Gallery presents
Word Sharks Resurface
on Thursday, October 3rd at 7 pm,
ending only after the tide recedes.

Regional writers Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Art Goodtimes, and David Feela
will lead the reading frenzy with some choice selections from their own writing.

The public is encouraged to bring their own words or favorite pieces by published writers
to share at the end of the evening.

Please join us for this celebration of Word Sharks–
powerful words read by a toothsome trio in an intruiging event space.

Sideshow is located in Dolores at 411 Central, Dolores.
Help us promote this event by responding on Facebook and by forwarding this email…
Young people aged 13 plus are welcome. This is a free event (that welcomes donations).
Books by our featured authors will be available for sale.
Refreshments will be available, or BYO.

Read on and click the links for more details on our featured authors…

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer has served as San Miguel County’s first poet laureate, authoring and editing thirteen books, including her most recent publication, The Less I Hold. Editor Uche Ogbuji describes Rosemerry as “always looking for the threads from the intimate to the transcendent…poems [that] are full of the restless energy needed to caress a child or a spouse in the one moment, and in the next to expand into the spheres of the night sky.” She has been chosen as a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, and won the Colorado Independent Press Association poetry award. Rosemerry’s writing has appeared on back alley fences, in her children’s lunchboxes, and on rocks she leaves around town. She also leads writing workshops for hospice, recovery programs, women’s groups, teachers and people who think they hate poetry.

Art Goodtimes is a performance poet & Western Slope Poet Laureate, and newspaper columnist, among many other things. He is legendary along the Southern Rockies as poet, performer, ritualist, Rainbow Tribe member, and Green Party activist. In her introduction, “deep ecologist” Dolores LaChapelle describes him as part of the bardic tradition “which shows us how nature and human consciousness are but different aspects of one consciousness. Bards put mind and body together within the whole of nature.” In his poetry collection, As if the World Really Mattered, we find poems that joyfully expound on
the natural world and our relationship to it.

David Feela is a poet, free-lance writer, writing instructor, and book collector. His work has appeared in the Utne Reader, High Country News, Mountain Gazette, The Four Corners Free Press, the Denver Post, the Durango Telegraph and the former Inside/Outside Southwest, among other regional and national publications. A poetry chapbook, Thought Experiments (Maverick Press), won the Southwest Poet Series. His first full length poetry book, The Home Atlas, appeared in 2009. His collection of essays, How Delicate These Arches, was selected as a finalist for the Colorado Book Award in the category of Creative Nonfiction.

We look forward to seeing you at Word Sharks Resurface early next month on Thursday Oct 3 !

Heather Narwid
Sideshow Emporium&Gallery
411 Central, Dolores
Open: THUR thru MON 11a-6p (SUN 12p-5p)
Closed/ by appt only on TUE & WED

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What could be finer than drink some wine, listen to poems, and talk about two of life’s most wonderful, mysterious and sensual experiences–our physical attractions to each other and our spiritual attractions to god. Sex and spirit. That’s how we’ll begin the new Poetry Club in Telluride on January 8 at Arroyo’s fine art gallery and wine bar on 220 E. Colorado Ave.

Led by Art Goodtimes,who will be sharing from Lenore Kandel’s collected works, and Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, who will share from Daniel Ladinski and Nancy Owen Barton’s new collection of Rumi poems The Purity of Desire, the evening is open to anyone who wants to join us, though we’re looking for members to support the new club. $25 annual memberships will be available. Members will receive regular updates on monthly meetings and special events. Membership contributions will be tax-deductible. The first person to sign up that night receives a free copy of The Purity of Desire.

Daiva Chesonis of Between the Covers will be offering chits to all attendees giving a 10% discount on one book at the bookstore. The first member to sign up at the Tuesday inaugural meeting will also receive a free poetry book.

“In Western culture, the erotic and spiritual are sometimes seen as opposite poles, but in many traditions – including indigenous cultures of the Americas – they are complementary aspects of the sacred,” explained Goodtimes.

After the reading and discussion, which the Wilkinson Library will film and post on YouTube, there will be an unfilmed gourd circle, where folks can bring erotic and spiritual poetry to share – either their own work or from poets they love, or they can just listen in as part of the circle.

The series will normally be held on the first Tuesday of each month and is thanks to the non-profit umbrella of the Telluride Institute and in collaboration with the Wilkinson Library, Arroyo Telluride and Between the Covers Bookstore.

For more information, contact Art Goodtimes, 970-327-4767, or Rosemerry at 970-728-0399.

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