One Unlearning




peeling away the film—

discovering how to sing

in a voice I can’t call my own

Hello friends,

I hope you can join me in a four-week poetry discussion class on living with uncertainty.

Week 1: Accepting Uncertainty as a Part of Life

Week 2: How Inviting the Unknown Helps us Live More Richly

Week 3: How we Find Ourselves by Getting Lost

Week 4: The Generative Power of Not Knowing

The class is offered through Weehawken Arts in Ridgway, Colorado, 12-2 p.m. on Wednesdays. To read more or sign up, please click https://www.weehawkenarts.org/classes/22-classes/creative-arts/153-living-with-uncertainty-a-poetry-discussion-series-with-rosemerry-wahtola-trommer





The heron flies away

and its great blue wings

touch the surface of the water.

For a time, after the heron

is gone, the twin concentric wrinkles remain.

If you leaned far enough, you could

see your reflection in ripples,

your image warped by the memory

of flight. The water

returns to its stillness,

your face again your familiar face—

but that is not the way

with all memories.

Sometimes, we

never see ourselves

the same again.

What Will You Become?




You are the elephant

and I the room,

you the lark,

the missing spoon,


you the question

that swallowed the answer,

you the music

inside the dancer,


and I am still

the waiting room—

or, perhaps, dear elephant,

a cocoon.

One Togetherness

you and I

two banks

of the same river

“Even Now,” my latest book (a collaboration with artist Jill Sabella) is a finalist for the Colorado Author’s League Book Awards in poetry. Yippee! If you live near Denver, I hope you can join me on Saturday, April 29, 2 p.m. for the reading of poetry and non-fiction finalists (though I am the only one finalist who will make it for a poetry collection). I will have my dear friend Kyra Kopestonski with me to accompany on cello–a very special treat. I’m excited about this honor and hope you can come hear me and the other finalists! It’s Independent Bookstore Day–come celebrate! Winners of the awards will be announced the next week.

Tattered Cover Poster 2017 CAL Awards Finalists




After hoping and trying

and failing and hoping

and trying and failing

and hoping and trying

and failing the mind

perhaps will finally say

I don’t know what comes next

and, startled by the sweet

clarity of this, the body

raises both arms, though

the mind didn’t tell it to—

yes, the arms rise weightless

and open, as if there is nothing

they aren’t ready to embrace,

as if the world as it is

might come rushing in.


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