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In the corner of the closet

in permanent marker

I wrote in small letters

“this room belongs

to Rosemerry Wahtola

forever and ever, no matter

who else lives here.”


The room had been built

for me in the basement

by my father, and I loved

its orange carpet, its

subterranean dark,

the way I could close

the door and be entirely alone.


The room was not mine,

no more than the mountains

are mine, these mountains

I love for their openness,

their long trails, their cliffs,

their secret glades.


No, it is always we

who belong to the spaces

that hold us, though

they change, they mark us

invisibly, they write

on our inner walls,

as if to say you are mine,

child, forever.



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That wind always tries
to undress me … today
it took my name, too.


It’s hard to be
serious when you’re kissing
my elbows.


What’s that? It’s only
supposed to have seventeen
syllables? But the sky today deserves at least twenty-five.


Erase the word mine
from these lips. Replace it with


Tonight the stars
are just stars, the lines that link
them all undrawn.

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