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When trouble comes like a black monkey

sitting on your shoulder, picking at things

you can’t see; when trouble comes


like a necklace made of thorns that twists

around your neck; when trouble comes

with its hummingbirds dead and dangling,


with its indifference to blue, do not try

to escape into the upper left corner,

though the dragonfly there could distract you.


Dare to meet it with a gaze unyielding,

meet it exactly where you are. Ask it

with your eyes, What do you have to teach me?


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What We Do When We Can Do Nothing Else

When trouble comes
with its long gray dress
and its hungry eyes
and its basket of woe,
when trouble comes
with its insomnia
and note past due
that you know you can never pay,
when trouble comes
with its refusal to let you
be bailed out this time
no matter how crisp
the hundreds are,
I do not want to be
the one who lies to you
and says it will all be okay.
I don’t want to play
the teacher and talk
about how the world
erodes us until we shine.
I want to be the one
who holds your hand,
though, even if it is
from many hundreds
of miles away, and
even if you do not hear me
say it, I will be thinking,
miracles happen,
and you are one.
I will write you a poem
made of doors, all
of them open,
even the one
that trouble walks in,
even the one
that trouble walks out.

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