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“What’ll be, boys?” the bartender says.
The three aren’t thirsty, just looking for love.
“A rose,” says the metaphor.
“But you better not pick it,” says the cliché.
“It only grows when it’s on the vine,” says the allusion.
The bartender starts to moan,
when a simile in a short red dress walks up to them.
She is quite the figure of speech.
Her dress is cut down real low,
her breasts are like two perfect feminine rhymes
straining against the cranberry silk.
“A red, red rose,” sighs the metaphor.
“With thorns,” says the cliché.
“That’s newly sprung in June,” adds the allusion.
“I’m, like, thirsty,” she says.
The bartender groans, makes a noose
of his dishrags and belt.
Just goes to show,
give someone enough tropes
and he’ll hang himself.

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