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the elephant in the room—

giving him

the finest seat

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I’ve Got $1.41

A penny for your dreams—

they’re as curious as thoughts.

A nickel for your laughter

if it comes out of the box.

A dime for your happiness

if you’ll share it with me.

A quarter for your apple

if it falls far from the tree.

A dollar for your love,

but only time will whisper

if it’s money down the drain

or a happy ever after.

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All these years
I thought I might be
the one who had opened
the can. Such surprise
to find I am one
of the worms.

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The spilled milk?
I am not crying.

This is me kneeling
on the gray stone tile

to lap up the puddle
the way a grown woman

should never do.
It may be a mess,

but it’s not spoiled yet
and I’m thirsty enough

to lower myself,
and look, how the cup

is still half full.

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