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emerging form

In our fourth episode of Emerging Form, a podcast on creative process, my co-host Christie Aschwanden and I explore Getting Started. Ever have a creative project you just couldn’t seem to begin? Ever been stared down by a blank page? In this 28-minute episode, we look at lots of tips for getting started, we discuss working through perfection anxiety, paralysis of analysis, the blank page blues and so much more. Then we interview amazing poet and writing coach Judyth Hill and ask her two burning questions about how to get started. Join us!

Also, check out our back episodes on emerging form, is talent necessary and existential despair.

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Hi friends … if you’re near the Front Range this weekend, I hope you will join me and Art Goodtimes and Judyth Hill at our debut performances as AJAR~a poetry troupe … who knows what might happen?


On Friday, June 17, we will read 7-8 p.m. at Innisfree in Boulder (http://innisfreepoetry.com/) … an entire bookstore of poetry. I LOVE that this store exists.


On Saturday, June 18, we will be reading 7-9 p.m. at the Book Bar in Denver, (http://www.bookbardenver.com/event ) a bookshop and wine bar … fabulous!


I promise it will be fun …



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