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… one sector of the self can step in for another in trouble

            —Kay Ryan, “Why We Must Struggle”



Because the heart is a mess

I mop the floors. And shake

the rugs. And find homes


for all the knick knacks

and papers that clutter

the shelves. And when


the heart is still a mess,

I scour sinks. Then wipe

the mirrors. Hours go by.


The drawers are straightened.

Sheets and towels refolded.

Even the piano keys


are not sticky any more.

The filter in the fish tank

is scrubbed and changed.


But what does the heart care

for cleanliness? It walks

across the polished room


in its muddiest shoes

leaving gravel on the floors.

Shoves all the pillows off the couch


to make a cozier spot

for fussing, then spreads its troubles

across the counters


where they more easily

can be seen. Organizing the lot

is beyond me, but


I notice how,

between those muddled troubles,

the counters gleam.




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