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It’s easier, perhaps, to understand the acorn.

A shell. A cap. Something tender inside

with the potential to grow a great oak.


But cotton? Harder to understand the tiny seeds

wrapped in white gossamer strands—

tiny parachutes that slip through hands.


So few survive, but those that do

live a hundred years and grow faster

than any other American tree.


They’re like ideas—weightless. Able

to travel long distances. Mostly disposable,

but then once in a while,


one of the 25 million seeds

released by a tree will take root.

I’ve felt it happen inside me—


how it starts so small. How quickly

it grows, changes the landscape. How soon

you can’t imagine the world any other way.

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One Resilience

my heart a cottonwood seed

landed on rock instead of soil—

love says, time to trust the wind

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It is good
to ache with love.
the empty
cottonwood arms
let the moon
they threw
all their leaves
and made a path
of gold.
I walk it
in the dark.
It is all
so beautiful,
so empty,
cold. I take
the long
way home.

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