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We watch as the sculptors pitch
and chisel, splitting the stone
to separate what is wanted
from what is not.
The marble, recently quarried,
is still soft. Can be worked, refined,
polished. As we watch, horses
emerge from one large block.
A dragon appears in another.
There—eyes. There—a hand.
There—a rabbit’s ear. Marble
dust hangs in the air
and the rhythmic beat of mallets
rings out a creation song.
I like best the statues
that appear unfinished—
a roughened breast,
an incomplete cheek,
smooth innuendo of a fold in a dress.
I swear I feel my own story
being chiseled by some great hand,
the block of my life not yet hardened,
not completely. Here the rasp of grief,
here the riffler of joy to enhance the shape
of my days—I am yet a suggestion
of what I will become.
It takes so much breaking to find
the final form.
It takes so much abrasion
to bring out the shine.

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emerging form

New Podcast Episode Out Today! CREATIVE HABITS! What can you do to evolve your creativity? How do your practices fuel or sabotage your muse? In this episode of Emerging Form, we talk about creative habits—frequency, accountability, flexibility and more. We’ll cover Rosemerry’s four promises she makes for her daily practice, Christie’s philosophy on not taking yourself too seriously, a new approach for meeting a blank page, the underbellies of bugs and much more. At the end of the program, we invite science writer, artist, knitter and singer Helen Fields to join us in our game of two questions: 1) How do you prioritize time for your creative habit? And 2) When do you know it is time to evolve a habit—how do you know if it’s not serving you anymore?

You can visit our website and comment here: Emerging Form Episode 7: Creative Habits

Or join the discussion on our Facebook page: Emerging Form Podcast Facebook Page

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emerging form

EMERGING FORM is a weekly podcast about the creative process. Join me and my co-host, New York Times best selling science writer Christie Aschwanden, as we discuss creativity, usually over a glass of wine. Themes for season one include quitting, collaboration and existential despair. Guests for season one include poets and writers as well as a sketch artist, a songwriter, a winemaker and a circus performer. Each episode lasts under 30 minutes. Find out more about the podcast on our website, or listen and subscribe via iTunes or our RSS feed. 

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One Togetherness

you and I

two banks

of the same river

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It begins as a dark wing arcing up,
then cart wheeling high, swooping
down, then back up to a point before
diving as falcons do toward the earth
with great straightness, curving up
at the very last moment, in this case
before meeting the blue solid line, climbing
to intersect the first long arc,
then doubling back on its path.

The pencil wheels across the blank
page, it flies into another loop,
and another, pushes into a bow
and then bends, sweeps and circles again,
and the boy moves his hand, entranced
by the leaden record of its dance
as his thoughts appear on uneven horizons
until the whole page
is a flock of slender black wings
all of them rising at once,
that beating, that beating, his heart.

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But Not Quite

a day this blue
how worlds
break violently

solar systems
this heart

*This poem is part of another 84 series (poems with 84 characters) exploring Brian Swimme’s powers of the universe, this time focusing on cataclysm, which refers to the way the universe necessarily destroys some of its structures allowing for “ongoing vibrant creativity to continue.” The 11 powers are outlined in EnlightenNext, Issue 47. The 84s are the brainchild of Barry Spacks, who corresponds with me back and forth in 84-character poems.

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