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One Togetherness

you and I

two banks

of the same river

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It begins as a dark wing arcing up,
then cart wheeling high, swooping
down, then back up to a point before
diving as falcons do toward the earth
with great straightness, curving up
at the very last moment, in this case
before meeting the blue solid line, climbing
to intersect the first long arc,
then doubling back on its path.

The pencil wheels across the blank
page, it flies into another loop,
and another, pushes into a bow
and then bends, sweeps and circles again,
and the boy moves his hand, entranced
by the leaden record of its dance
as his thoughts appear on uneven horizons
until the whole page
is a flock of slender black wings
all of them rising at once,
that beating, that beating, his heart.

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But Not Quite

a day this blue
how worlds
break violently

solar systems
this heart

*This poem is part of another 84 series (poems with 84 characters) exploring Brian Swimme’s powers of the universe, this time focusing on cataclysm, which refers to the way the universe necessarily destroys some of its structures allowing for “ongoing vibrant creativity to continue.” The 11 powers are outlined in EnlightenNext, Issue 47. The 84s are the brainchild of Barry Spacks, who corresponds with me back and forth in 84-character poems.

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