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The swirling ash

doesn’t try

to be become

log again.

The flying leaves

don’t attempt

to return

to the tree.

The girl

can’t untwist

her genome

back into

separate strands.

The flour

in the bread

can’t return

to the sack,

can’t undo

the kneading

of hands.

In all things

lives a memory

of letting go

and the chance

to transform

into what

it can’t know.

What do you say

to that, heart?

Good self,

what do you say

to that?

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End Well

End well, says my friend,

and I think of Beethoven,

how his final symphony

was a triumphant masterpiece,

a unifying ode to joy.

And I think of the time

we ran the Grand Canyon

for weeks and on the last night

we tied the boats together

and floated all night and laughed

and laughed and laughed.

There’s the Rilke poem

about a marble torso

in which he closes with

You must change your life.

And espresso at the end

of a meal, how the dark bitter cup

leaves the mouth

in an warm O of ecstasy.

But it isn’t always easy to end—

saying goodbye to a faraway friend.

Ending a kiss. Leaving the beach.

Turning the last pages of a book.

So I think of the rabbitbrush

that fill the field—how long

they hold their gold. Until

it’s cold and they fade

and it seems like the end—

but then, if I should shovel

across them, or walk through them

in the early snow, oh the perfume

they release then—evergreeen

and earthy, herbaceous and cool.

Sometimes to end well

is to offer more

when it all seems done.

Sometimes to end well

Is to surprise everyone

with one more gift.

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weeping beside

the pussy willows—

all those tears

over saying goodbye,

I wouldn’t uncry

a single one

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