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After over a hundred years,

the blue flowers in her hair

are still as blue and the ivy

in his hair is still as green

and her face is just as soft

and serene as when she received

the kiss, the kiss that made

the whole world fall in love

with Gustav Klimt. And who

wouldn’t want to be caught

forever and ever in a golden

embrace, infinitely tender,

eternally erotic, the way

no kiss truly is? But here

they are, defying the fall,

these lovers, hanging unframed

on the wall of the Belvedere,

still passionate, lust-drowsy,

their love spilling into the halls

as the whole world around

them dissolves into shimmer,

into shine.





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The leaves debate the wind.

We all know who will win.

There is no sound in the fall.


Whatever we might do here

amounts to little more than their rustling,

perhaps not even that.


Scratch of the branch

at the window. And then

it is silent.



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too many to count
petals on the orchard floor
he loves me?


rusted lock
in the heart’s back pocket
a spare key


snow on the ridges
come spring what else
will be missing?


almost asleep
these hands still kneading
soft dough


he talks
and talks and talks and talks
about listening


no temple bells
still the crow goes on
about awe, awe

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The willow branch
hung in rime
just as the sun
begins to shine
is a hopeless place
to be a bloom of ice,
but for that moment
such grace, such light.

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