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            with thanks to Paula Lepp for the introduction

This morning the Nimbu tea

reminds me there is so much goodness

yet to discover. Three days ago

I’d never heard of Nimbu, Nimbu,

much less tasted the bright citrus shine,

the full and sweet caramel body.

Now I can’t imagine a morning

without it warm and round on my tongue.

Nimbu. Nimbu. Just saying the name

makes me smile. Just a sip makes

me think of all the pleasures yet to come,

pleasures I don’t even know how to name,

pleasures just waiting to be found.

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the only pleasure as great

as nibbling the chocolates—

the delicious anticipation

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Two Pleasures




in the kitchen

slow dancing

no music




scent of pumpkin pie—

some things

are always welcome


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Not once
has the worm
said to the apple
your flesh
does not taste
good enough.
But it is so much
nicer, you don’t
need to be a worm
to understand,
when the fruit
is full of sugar
and the dark,
lonely work
is also sweet.

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purple handed
after mulberry picking—
imagine if
all pleasures
came with stain

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The truth is, we don’t really want to be free from desire or to admit that clinging to the pleasures of the senses—the taste of delicious food; the sound of music, gossip, or a joke; the touch of a sexual embrace—ends unavoidably in disappointment and suffering. We don’t have to deny that pleasant feelings are pleasurable. But we must remember that like every other feeling, pleasure is impermanent.
—Bhante Gunaratana, “Desire and Craving,” Tricycle Magazine

so soon I find it—
the bottom
of the potato chip bag


make us more bonobo
than chimpanzee, preferring
to fuck than fight


all night, the same
refrain after every bit of news:
April Fools


sound of flamenco
guitar, I will pay you a hundred poems
to play one more hour


missing this:
your lips, your lips, too long gone
between each kiss

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