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Here be the morning,

mate, what do you say

we find our sea legs

and go down to the lake,


and ye wear yar white shirt

with the long blousy sleeves

and I’ll wear me corset—

ye’ll tie it for me.


And since we’ve no ship,

no crow’s nest, no plank,

we’ll not have to worry

’bout being shark bait.


Yes, marooned in the sun

and becalmed on the land,

we’ll plunder each other

like hot scallywags—


I will shiver yar timbers,

ye’ll scuttle me fears,

I need yar good body

like I need the night stars—


and those scurvy puppies

who come thar to stare

will be wanting that they were

such fine buccaneers.


Yea, here be the morning

to spend unreal doubloons

and make real love

in our pirate costumes.

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            for Colette and Bob



these white-tipped waves—

they know when to break,

to arrive, to return




running to the beach—

how swift the feet

are ten again




the great lake—

every morning the gift

of not seeing how it ends




walking to the pier’s end

the strange urge to keep

on walking



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