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More splash than still
more million than one,
more tiger than sparrow,
more emerald than moon,

and not enough carnival,
not enough kiss
too dinging much bell
too danging much wish,

oh spiral and tremble
jig and wrench,
splinter and wrestle
wobble, unend.

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She says, How are you?

And there is no right way

to answer this. Tell her, Fine,

and she can smile and you


can smile and move on

to the business at hand.

Or tell her, Oh, you know,

and shrug, and then ask


about her day. There are

waterfalls inside you,

steep icy roads, sirens,

tall golden grass as far


as the eye can see,

and for every moment

that you might mention

to her—when he did this or they


said that, or you knew

whatever it was that you knew—

there is all the space

between those moments,


that space perhaps even

more important than

anything that happened.

How you felt the world


dissolve before it returned.

How everything spills,

ravels, pours out. It’s truer

than anything else you know.


But how do you say this?

So you say, Fine. Or you don’t.

You say, well, there’s no way

to say what you will say.


So you open your mouth,

wondering if a black bird

or a beetle or a little lie

or your heart might fly out.


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