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Goodbye to holding you, goodbye
to family trips and snuggling before bed,
goodbye to plans and to laughter,
your clothes and your car. Goodbye
to the awe I felt as I watched you
become more yourself, goodbye
to the dizzying map of promise I saw
as you plotted your days. Goodbye to all I knew.

But now, it’s hello. Hello, love that still grows.
Hello as I rise, when I walk outside.
Hello, with my hands in the dirt, when I drive
the winding alpine divide, hello when I light a candle,
hello when the hot tears come. Hello, I say,
hello, aware now I am never alone.

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At the Airport




the little boy

with a backpack

bigger than he is

stands in line

behind the red rope


his tears follow me

through the exit door

to the car parked

in the no parking zone,


on my own cheeks

I taste them


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Driving Away

not just the light
though that, too, how it bloomed
across the green lawn
but also her waving hands
so empty, so full of light

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