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darkening sky—

packing up the tent

and driving straight toward the rain



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camping at the edge

of the river, all night

I dream of thirst




asking a question

I don’t want answered—

earwigs under the tarp




waking to rain

on the tent—

no rainbows at 2 a.m.




give me a day

not measured in hours—

splash, spoke, step, flame, song

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blue flax beside the highway,

ten thousand bridal bouquets—


each moment of the journey

saying, “marry me”




said the mama heron,

no more crawling

when you were made to fly






surprised by the mama grizzly—

one hand on the car door,

the other focuses the camera




in a field of avalanche lilies

each one

the most exquisite




clapping for Old Faithful—

thrilling at predictable





sleeping in a puppy pile

between my grown children—

oddly glad for cold nights




morning alarm—

raindrops on the tent

each one pressing snooze




june snowstorm—

the morning takes its bikini for a drive

and slips into a hot springs




searching every meadow for moose—

missing it like that kiss

from the boy I never kissed




a whole week

with no blue—

relying on the places

I’ve tattooed sky

on my inner walls




seventh day in Yellowstone—

just another glorious herd of bison

and their perfect golden calves




the sing-along of a thousand miles—

even Julie Andrews asks

are we there yet?




said the desert,

you can’t smell the sage

going sixty

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One Morning

folding up the tent—

summer in a small package

wood smoke still in my hair

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wet hair,
wet dress, wet feet
wet eyes
across the field
blue sky

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