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trying to pickpocket

the universe—it turned around

and gave me everything


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Sometimes, if you ask
the right question,
and there are infinite

right questions to ask,
then the world cracks,
not in a way that makes

it more broken, but
cracks in a way
that makes it more whole,

as if you’ve been living
in a glass tank without
knowing the glass

were there. But oh!
after the shattering,
when someone asks you,

“Does the universe
act on us or do we act on
the universe,” you feel

in your breath and your
pulse that you and the universe
are the very same thing,

you feel it with absolute
certainty even as your
mind races

to find the place
where the glass
used to be.

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Not even a gust
and for no
apparent reason
the heart
blows open
and just
like that
innumerable stars
rush in
not to mention
all the space
between them

of course it’s
and on the other,
well, after marveling
there’s nothing to do
but invite the universe
in for a cup
of decaf chai
then tuck us
all in
for a good night’s

who knows
what could happen

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Out the window
I do not see
the mountains
I know are there
behind the fog.

Do you think
the universe
is indifferent?
he asks.

New snow
all the lines
on the road.

The radio
is silent.

Yes, I say.

he says,
are you

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floating face up
in the black water
aswirl in the milky way—
with so small a breath
the body rises

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