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I’m the one who will whoop

amidst polite applause.

I give standing ovations

to the petunias most mornings.

I clap for kingfishers,

otter and moose just

because they are there.

I cheer for sunflowers,

red amanita mushrooms,

the snake making it off the road.

I praise the bell pepper, the squash,

the robin, the owl.

I celebrate the moonless night

and the dark inside the shell.

It’s my talent to find beauty,

to honor, to acclaim.

I revel in petal, pinecone, fall.

May I never lose my enthusiasm,

though it means I’m not edgy,

predictable, a fool.

May I always fall in love with the world

and applaud it: river rock, larkspur,

lichen, hail.

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Showing Up




Again, we are waiting,

hands in our pockets,

shuffling our weight

from one foot to the other.


The first runners have not

yet passed. We stand,

dumb as traffic cones,

somehow not noticing


that we could cheer

at any moment and

for any thing, not just

for the runners, though


they are the reason

we’ve come, but why not clap

for this very afternoon,

for the suggestion of clouds,


for the hedges vigorous and green,

for the sun that shows up

every day because

that is what it does.


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