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With Kind Regard



If I had my druthers,

well, I’d share one with you

so you could have

a druther, too. Though

it’s tough to give you only one—

I mean, we seldom do.

After all, what if that poor

druther gets lonely? So

a pair of druthers, then, and

you know what pairs

are wont to do. And,

while at it, I’d give you

a thank. Or, more likely,

at least two, so they, too,

could procreate and soon

you’d have a lot of thanks

(they act like rabbits do).


But what if, perchance,

the druthers and the thanks

begin to, um, cross breed

so you end up with

a drutherank

or a thuther? It’s odd

how things go plural,

friend—they make

the strangest

sisters and brothers.


Well, there you have them,

my thanks and my druthers.

Do with them what you will—

if you lose them,

I’ll give you others.


with kind regard,


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