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First time I saw a badger
it was nowhere near as pretty as you
with your long honey hair and your slender hips,
but just like you it was all spit and snarl and vicious hiss.
I was so curious, I got closer.
Shows what I know about boundaries.
Yeah, I did, I got close enough to see the points
on its sharp yellow teeth,
got close enough to feel its body pull back before the charge,
I could smell its hostile stench.
So you mighta thunk I’d a learned to step back from a badger when I see one,
those unmistakable sharp dark eyes and those meat-ripping claws,
those tenacious jaws that lock and won’t let go,
‘specially when I don’t have a big stick or a can
of pepper spray, nor a gun, not even thick skin, just
this fool open hand that reaches out like some frisky little wide-eyed mouse
as if to say, hey, don’t you think we could be friends?

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