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And what did you do with your lost hour?

            —Harry Teague



Well, I didn’t sleep, that’s for sure,

nor did I bake bread. Didn’t practice piano

or write a poem, skate ski or do sumo squats.


Neither did I throw javelins.

Nor fake my own death in a gruesome car accident,

nor steal modern art nor moon rocks nor whiskey.


I didn’t spelunk. Didn’t sink in a ship.

Didn’t crawl through the sewer.

Didn’t get a tattoo. Didn’t twerk.


Perhaps there was part of me

that did what I am always trying to do—

untether from time and lose all sense


of who I am and what I think and

what comes next and how it’s supposed to be—

yeah, I’d like to believe that for a lost hour


perhaps some part of me thrived and joined

with the universe so completely that it knew itself

as the dawn that comes when it comes.

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