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An Hour-Long Conversation with Kara Johnstad/Voice Rising on OMTimes Radio

Where to go when our heart is raw and our limbs are tired? When our bones and brittle and the landscapes barren, are there fat raindrops that wash away the pain? Can the scratch of our pen against plain white paper bring us hope when conversations seem senseless? Join singer/voice coach/visionary Kara Johnstad and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer in a heartfelt conversation on meeting grief, the power of daily practice, and her upcoming collection of poems, All the Honey. How can poetry save us? How may a word whispered help shake loose stones lodged in our hearts? Aired Monday, Sept. 26, 2022.


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Hello Friends,

Yesterday I had such a fun time with the fabulous Laurie Wagner, a writer and writing teacher in the Bay Area. She hosted this 20-minute interview with me about finding inspiration for writing, dancing with imperfectionism, and the benefits of a daily practice. It’s part of a writing series she is offering. For the last 25 years she has been teaching Wild Writing – which is a loose and juicy way to get to the heart of what you want to write about without the inner critic on your heels.  Until May 11th she is offering, for free, her 27 Wildest Day video series to help you chronicle your corona virus days and make it through captivity.  Find out more at https://27powers.org/27-wildest-days/

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Hi Poetry Friends,


This Sunday at noon Eastern Time, if you get a chance, listen in on a conversation I had in Taos a couple weeks ago with poet and provocateur James Navé … it will be playing on Interview with Rosemerry at WPVMFM … we talk about poetry, poets, writing, love, light, dark, process … 



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Here in the heart of National Poetry Month (though I believe in Poetry Year, or perhaps even Poetry Life), a wonderful online resource for writers, Tethered by Letters, has published this Q & A with me … I liked their questions, and I like rummaging around their site, too …

You can read the interview here.

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What a beautiful interview

Today’s Daily Planet came out with an interview about my new collection, The Less I Hold–I thought Heather Sackett did a fine job of getting to the heart of the book and my writing process. 

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