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Hi Poetry Friends,


This Sunday at noon Eastern Time, if you get a chance, listen in on a conversation I had in Taos a couple weeks ago with poet and provocateur James Navé … it will be playing on Interview with Rosemerry at WPVMFM … we talk about poetry, poets, writing, love, light, dark, process … 



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Here in the heart of National Poetry Month (though I believe in Poetry Year, or perhaps even Poetry Life), a wonderful online resource for writers, Tethered by Letters, has published this Q & A with me … I liked their questions, and I like rummaging around their site, too …

You can read the interview here.

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What a beautiful interview

Today’s Daily Planet came out with an interview about my new collection, The Less I Hold–I thought Heather Sackett did a fine job of getting to the heart of the book and my writing process. 

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