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On the day
I most needed
to remember
how to pray,
a prayer shawl
arrived in the mail.
I wrapped myself in it
and felt in the trinity stitch
the singing of my name,
felt the colors tether me
to my own heart.
Sometimes when we
feel most alone,
the world conspires
through the goodness
of others to remind us
who we are,
remind us that now
is the right moment
to wrap ourselves
in the kind of beauty
no fear can extinguish,
now is the right moment
to feel how,
though we are alone,
love floats
around our shoulders
soft and so warm.

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Someone has crocheted a half dozen blankets—

one dark purple, another camo green, another

with stripes in every possible color.

There are half a dozen quilts with bright squares.

And someone has knit a dozen hats—

and a basket on the shelf overflows with handmade scarves.


My friend chooses a pink cotton pillow

that someone has sewn in the shape of a heart

and a long creamy scarf, impossibly soft.

She would rather be anywhere but here,

but look at that smile as she dons the scarf,

as if its stitches are keeping her from falling away.

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grief and celebration

share the same bed—

one keeps stealing the blanket

the other

keeps knitting a beautiful new one

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I imagined pearling a silk shawl of prayers generous enough to cover the whole cold world, the color of the moon.

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One Best Intention




I knit words into a shawl

to wrap around your shiver

then wish I’d brought a real blanket, warm






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no matter how open
the heart, the eyes can only
follow one snowflake


tonight a whole hat
is stitched out of the promise
just two more minutes


all these flowers
I’ve learned by proper name
let’s relearn by scent

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those wild geese
edging the clouds, my thoughts fly
beyond their wings


just one more row
I think, and knit one more and think
just one more row


the night pressed
its darkness into me, what
could I do but open


these ears
go on a long walk looking
for bird song


while no one’s watching
I trade all my molecules
with the night


did someone sow
all those stars, or did someone
trip and spill the bag


walking at two below
both questions and answers
come out as clouds

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learning to knit

I imagine
we are made
of the same cloth

one thread
many knots

will we take?

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