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At the Border

There it was, propped up
against my heart,
the No Trespassing sign.

I forgot I had posted it
until today when I found it
by accident really, while wandering

in a place I’ve neglected
for a long, long time. Though
it was rust stained and crooked,

the message was clear.
I was surprised to find it here.
Though after, it made more sense

why you have not come closer,
as I’ve wished you would.
It’s gone now, darling. The sign

with its capital letters
and day glo warning. Nothing left
but the holes where nails were.

I know it is easier to notice
when something is added
than it is to notice when something

is taken away. That’s why
I mention it. In case you were
blinking. In case it is not too late.

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