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All This Time




calling it a journey

when we have never

stopped arriving


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Though you may not come home happy,

you do come home changed.

That is what the trip was for.


The door is the same. The handle,

the same. Same couch. Same lamp.

Same chair. But the one who opens


the door is not the same as before.

You can pretend if you want.

Most do: Act the old way until


they forget they are new.

Sometimes, the change takes charge.

Sometimes it invites itself


to dinner. And then breakfast.

By lunch, even the dishes are wondering

what will happen next.


(my son just returned from 10 days at camp–wow, what a difference 10 days can make!)


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I’ve got a wide, a wide river to cross.

            —“Wide River to Cross” by Julie Miller, Steven P. Miller



Perhaps when the river

we must cross is so wide

and the journey

to just to get to the river is so long

that our legs and arms are weary

before we even reach the shore,

perhaps that is when

it helps to remember

that the heart is infinite

in how much it can love,

and dang if that journey

across the river

doesn’t seem all that far

after all and the body

shudders and trembles

finds a way to take

one more step, and

one more step.

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