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Everything I’ve learned is in the way.
Where’s the worth in knowing iambic pentameter, the value
in differential equations, the treasure in identifying
the insertion point of the hamstring or pira formis or gastrock.
Look what it’s done for me, this memorizing Burns
and Blake and Hopkins and cummings. Look how far I’ve come
with my knowledge of the subjunctive and understanding where
to put the comma in an appositive phrase.
There is a kettle of vultures on the empty branches
of the trees I cannot name. In their open wings,
I see a dark V. I try to not see it, but ever since someone
mentioned the V, now it is all I can see.
Please, don’t tell me anything. Once
I could look at a bird and see
how it moved, how it sat, I could hear
how it said nothing at all.

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