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The night before they renew their vows,
Julie and Carla sit in matching chairs,
kazoos in hand, playing “Come On, Eileen”
and greatest hits from Fleetwood Mac.
Around them, we play our own kazoos—
“Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Lady Marmalade.”
The night doesn’t care if we can’t
guess each other’s songs.
It cares nothing for wrong or right.
it cares only that we laugh,
that we meet each other
with the hum of warmth, with joy,
that we honor what happens
when two people grow their love
and share it with the world.
For an hour, we hang on each other’s notes.
Long after, we hang on the laughter.

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playing tug of war—

my future

my past

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Dear Poetry Friends,

Thank you so much for the sweet notes I received while I was on vacation letting me know you missed the daily poems. I should have mentioned ahead of time that I would be taking a break from nightly sending. Then, yesterday, the motherboard on my computer went out and I understand it will be at least a week before I have it back … so we will be on a limited posting schedule again until my computer returns. Luckily, through the grace of iCloud (how is this possible) my poems from our trip still exist on my phone. What a great technological twist to a story about a technological bummer!



Bouquet of Poems from Florida Keys


changing blues in the water

trying to name them as if this way

I will remember


riding rusty bikes

every pedal an invitation

to sing along


after facing new monsters:

the ankle grabbing bubba, the dunka—

the swimming pool safe at last


between domino spots

infinite space

for laughter


drinking lemon drops

with my mother—

afternoon sunshine


sea breeze so strong

it makes of all my thoughts

a kite


training to believe in luck—

at Boondocks mini golf

hole in one


once swimming in the waves

how soon I forget

stench of beached seaweed


how quietly they become

part of everything—

all those dropped petals


on silent streets

walking with midnight—

never once feeling lonely


what shall I listen to—

from far away

a song on the wind


after thousands of years

what new is there to say

about waiting



Bouquet of Poems from Washington DC


unable to see stars

I find a tree about to leaf

wish on a greening bud

(at Yoko Ono’s “Wishing Tree” in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden)



we wade into the black

sea of names, deeper, deeper—

salt water on our cheeks

(at the Vietnam Memorial)


above the wall of the dead

a field of tiny blue self-seeding flowers—

how peace begins

(at the Vietnam Memorial)


night of a thousand sirens—

meanwhile, above the orchestra pit,

the Russian ballerina bows

(at the Kennedy Center, Mariinsky Ballet, “Le Corsair”)


surrounded by beauty

he finds only reasons to complain—

rain of cherry blossoms

(beside the Tidal Pool)


beside the empty cherry tree

the message of Martin Luther King

still blooming

(at the MLK Memorial)


in a room of Rothko

I find it inside—

my horizon

(at the Phillips Museum)


Lincoln’s giant marble fist—

staring at it until my own fist


(at the Lincoln Memorial)

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One Monopoly




hotel on boardwalk—

the thimble would rather

play charades

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Why I Play Uno




It’s so easy, really,

when you have no blue

nor a seven, and so

you pick and you pick

and you pick, and your chances

of winning lessen with each

yellow four, each red six

But there’s so little at stake,

and so you laugh

as your hand fills to spilling.

No one is dying

and no one is lost

so you let luck

punch you in the gut

again and again.

You have favors

to call in later.

For now,

all you have to do

is find a little blue.

What’s another

yellow reverse?

What’s another

green two?

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