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Perhaps Next Time



Vast and powerful,

the invitation

like a sea

with a surf

and unknowable tides—


I do not want to stay

on the shores

of my life.

I want to run headlong

into the waves,

to feel myself buoyed

and challenged,

to know myself

as one who risks,

who emerges


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When you walk along a cliff

and look over the edge,

a bit of the cliff will find its way

into your thoughts


and there, that place where

you were feeling quite safe

just a moment ago, now feels

charged with exposure.


Just today, a cliff said to me

that if I only would jump

then perhaps I would find my wings,

or perhaps then a tender angel


would deliver me—

you will never know,

said the cliff, if you keep walking

in that same direction you always walk—










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Matter of Time

In the boat
how could she know,
fixed as she was
upon the waves,
about the leakage,
small and slow
and of the sharks
that swam below—
she had hungers,
too, and so
toward distant shores
she rowed, she rowed
not noticing
the water cold
around her feet
and how it rose
I think about
her bailing.

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In the dark
she says, but what if
the fire alarm goes off?
and I say, it won’t
and she says, but what if
and I say, shhhh, it’s
time to sleep and she says,
but what if the alarm
goes off? and I say
then I will carry you
outside to my car
and you will be safe
and she says
thank you and rolls
over, and I lie awake,
holding her in the silence
long after her breathing
has steadied into sleep,
our bodies curled into
each other like two
question marks.

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