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One Nearly


almost to the top—

like being almost happy

when you almost kiss

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Where We Are

The path is the last impediment to the path.
—Lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

The path had not ended.
We had not arrived
anywhere except in a stand

of spruce where a new path
sprung to the left, and another
narrower path led to the right.

The main path curved up and
around the corner. I did not want
to turn around. I wanted to

arrive somewhere—to have
a marker of some kind. A view,
perhaps, or a giant stone.

Or a field of pink Indian paintbrush.
As it was, we turned back down
at the spruce glade where the paths

criss crossed. We all know we can never go back.
But this path gave the impression
that all was the same, that nothing

had changed between the time we
hiked up and the time we chose
to hike back down. But everything

had changed in the way that everything
does. And we didn’t notice it.
As we seldom do.

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