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Truth serum cannot be made alone. We will begin with stories

in which there are red flowers, white flowers, maggots, gold.

Add walks in the woods where the walls of the gorge

still remember when they were plateau. Hours

of listening to the other voices of ourselves speaking.

Bright chime of a singing bowl. Scent of burnt toast.

Taste of wild muscadine. Snaps and laughter and scratch

of pen on paper. Acorns and snake skin and hazelwood.

There is truth here to be found, but no one

can serve it to you. You must choose it. And it’s slippery–

like your own handwriting that you later can’t read,

like wet leaves on a hill, like the sun that enters the grove,

then is gone.



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On second thought,
the tower is nice.
You can keep
the braid.

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