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that Sunday afternoon in Madison

when we went to brunch, then found our seats

in the theater where the French Revolution

is waging again and a man falls in love

and the woman dies and her daughter is horribly

enslaved, and my brother, a bear of a man,

the heavyweight champion wrestler who

routinely pinned behemoths to their backs

and threw keggers to “make me clean

the floors,” my brother beside me

cried enough tears for the whole globe,

a lightning rod for sorrow, as if his heart

were big enough to take on the burdens

of the whole world, how I loved him then,

his face radiant and glistening,

both of us weeping near to heaving

and holding each other’s hands, smiling
at each other in the dim light, both of us

seeing ourselves as the other as the players

built a barricade and all our walls fell down.

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