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This is why we are here—
not merely to survive
but to fall in love
with the white-breasted hawk
and the rainbow fish,
with the lonely sidewalk
and the shadows of ourselves,
fall in love with the hands
of the woman wearing yellow
and the girl who loves chocolate
and the boy who loves cars
and the man who makes us want to be
a better version of ourself.

We are here to fall into unmanageable love—
to love beyond reason, beyond
fact, beyond certainty. We are here
to lose all our ideas about love
and know it as the next choice
we make, the next word
we say, the next invitation
we offer ourselves.

We are here to love
the world and each other
the way whales love water,
the way blue loves a peacock,
the way night blooming jasmine
loves night.

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Every time you say that word,
I can’t help but notice the way
your lips gather into the shape
of a kiss. As if to question the world
is just another way of making love
to everything we do not know.
Say why, and the mouth gathers
into a soft pucker. Say why long enough
and the word itself begins to unravel,
to unmean, to unknow, to become
nothing more than a vocal caress
and I am not so much interested
in the answer as I am in you
continuing to ask, perhaps next time
a little closer to my shoulder, my neck.

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