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Getting Messy

I like when

your eyes haze

with mystery

so I know myself

more sculpturally

and remember

how to brow,

how to jowl,

how to cheek.

I like when

we lip,

more smear

less line,

when we belief

less tidy,

more smudge

more shine.

I love when we

smile through

shadowy mess—

when we face

less certain,

more suggest.

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Swell, stutter,
tremble, flutter,
stumble, grasp, contract,

waddle, falter,
rise up, wither
wander, linger, gasp,

squat, break,
spread, quake,
writhe, clench, fall, breathe, groan,

wrestle, shake,
push, unmake,
release, arch, push, hum, moan,

shudder, sweat,
quiver, let,
crown, push, open, tear,

cradle, hum
unfold, undone,
stare, wonder, weep, revere.

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