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The Chance




The doorway has

no lock, no knob, no latch,

not even a door


beyond it,

all you do not know


what keeps you

from walking through—

your own stone feet.

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Given a Window




It’s a dangerous thing, the window,

with its curtains pulled to the sides—


it allows you to see through the walls,

but it doesn’t allow you to leave.


It shows you another possible world

while you are still shadowed inside.


And what is the voice that says, Jump?

And what is the voice that says, Hide?


And which voice is louder today?

And which voice chants low, a resonant drum,


Jump, it says, Jump, jump, jump,

to hell with the fall, and when you land,


if you’re not broken, run.

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There are doors
we never see.
Just this morning
I failed to find
the door that would have led me
to a deeper understanding of your heart.
Sometimes it’s hidden
because we do not find the handle.
Sometimes because we try the handle once
and the door sticks,
a trick into thinking
it is locked.
And sometimes,
distracted by a leaf, a siren,
a blue, blue sky, the door
stands wide open
and still we walk by.

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Five Accidents

my whole life
preparing me for this moment—
10:19 p.m.


rolling down my window
to ask directions, hearing
a chorus of birds


new snow on the grass
this, too, the scent
of exploded stars


please, I said
to the sun, don’t go
some part of me
reveling in asking
the impossible


my whole life
preparing me for this moment—
10:20 p.m.

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