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So insistent
the apricot petals
press against
the winter buds
to emerge
first white
then pink,
like millions
of tiny proofs
for hope:
the softest
parts of us
struggle and
swell against
the hardened shell
of I can’t
and open

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After the frost, the snapdragons remain standing.

They didn’t change colors the way the basil did.


Didn’t shrivel and flag like the beans.

They met the cold affront with beauty,


and a week later, they still stand, erect,

blossoms only slightly faded.


What an astonishing way

to meet an almost invincible force.


Even now, at the base of the lifeless stems,

tiny green leaves appear from the roots.


They insist, This isn’t over yet.

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Two Persistences




all day

tugging on my sleeve—

this kiss




that inner monologue—

letting it sing

till it loses its voice


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