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One dandelion

in full gold beside the road—

of course we know

there will be millions more,

but oh, to celebrate one—

to offer it all our attention—

the closer we look

the more obvious

its radiance.


There are,

in each of us,

millions of such

small magnificences

just waiting to be seen.

Now, more than ever,

a longing in me

to notice.







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I deserve better
said the lock to the oar.
You never thank me
for holding you close.

I deserve more
said the oar to the boat.
You never praise
how I move you along.

I deserve warmth
said the boat to the river
you are always so cold,
so cold.

And the river said nothing,
nothing at all
and it kissed the earth
as it flowed.

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and that is when
the Beloved said,
(and this is, of course,
a rough translation),
Hey, bowing’s nice,
but wouldn’t you rather
jump up and play chase
or a round of badminton,

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Like quiet rain falling for days,
that is how I want to love you.

So that no part of you goes
untouched. The rain softens

everything, brings out luster and hue
in even the dullest gray stone, and with

the tiniest bit of light, the rain turns
the whole world to shine. So quiet

you almost don’t even notice,
but there it is, everywhere you are.

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