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I am so grateful to poet and storyteller Steven Law for the thoughtful review of my new poetry collection All the Honey; what a joy to read this response to a book that is open to devastating grief and great joy and pleasure. 

Here’s an excerpt:

One of Trommer’s greatest gifts is her willingness and capacity to inhabit a selected space – whether it’s a car ride with her daughter or slipping through broken slats of a fence to sit alone in an abandoned field – and gather from it everything that is beautiful and noteworthy. An environment, a situation, a moment, an emotion, Trommer gives that space her full attention. Sometimes her attentiveness is that of a camera with its aperture set to f/64, bringing everything near and far simultaneously into focus. Sometimes she uses a poetic macro lens to zoom in on a moment’s smallest, finest details.

To read the whole review, visit Panorama Journal.  (Issue 8)

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Jane Hirshfield HD photo (c) Curt Richter

What does one of the most brilliant and compassionate minds of our time have to say about human action/inaction and climate crisis? I got to interview Jane Hirshfield about her new book Ledgera poetic and scientific account of the ecological reckoning we now face. Our conversation was published in The Open Notebook. Jane has been one of my heroes for twenty years, and now, after reading this book and getting the chance to converse, I respect her 9000 times more.


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Though it came out last year, this book review in Colorado Central Magazine just became available on-line.

Naked for Tea Review

To see more about the book, or to order, visit wordwoman.comnaked4tea-front

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Hello Poetry Friends!

Today I got word that Jazz Jaeschke at Story Circle Book Reviews did a wonderful (positive!) review of my most recent book, Naked for Tea. 

“Trommer’s poems run the gamut from the sensual to the sublime,” she writes, calling the voice in the book “wise, practical yet whimsical.”

You can read the whole review here.

You can buy the collection here. at the publisher’s website, or on Amazon.

And if you have read the book, will you please consider writing a brief review of your own and putting it on Amazon here.


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Story Circle Review of The Miracle Already Happening

I imagine that Rumi would laugh at me for how delighted I was to read this review of my book “The Miracle Already Happening: Everyday Life with Rumi.” He would tease me, saying something like these words from Amma, “These flowers are not for you.” 

Still, I was delighted to read this review. Thank you, Story Circle Book Reviews, for your kind words. 

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