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Noticing the space around people and things provides a different way of looking at them, and developing this spacious view is a way of opening oneself. When one has a spacious mind, there is room for everything. When one has a narrow mind, there is room for only a few things.

—Ajahn Sumedho, “Noticing Space,” Tricycle Magazine

Never mind that she didn’t know

how to spell it. Never mind she didn’t

know where it was. Never mind

she had never once given it a thought.

Rosemerry’s psoas was aware of her.  Buried in her body,

engaged in its habitual patterns of holding on,

the psoas had not heard about how

fine she was doing, how relaxed she

she was, how she was learning more

each day about the art of letting go.

The psoas was not in any hurry. The psoas

let her believe whatever it was she wanted

to believe about her posture, her flexibility,

her strength. And when Rosemerry finally

did meet her psoas, it was a very quiet invitation.

She had thought she was on a date

with her ischial tuberosities, or perhaps

with her left adductor, her left hamstring,

or her left knee. But there, beneath her awareness,

patient and persevering, the muscle waited

in silent revolution. It’s all subtle until it is not.

The burn of it, the gasp of it, the unlayering

of pain. The red of it, she nearly panted,

the wilting of her bravery. And oh, the space

left in her then, how lying on the table

she felt how she was being breathed

and for one moment glimpsed, not with dread,

but with gratitude, a little hint of just how much

deeper she might go.

*with thanks to Tim Lafferty

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