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on the last shooting star
making a wish
for one more shooting star

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Strange Wish

I would never have wished
for those years when I starved myself,
years when any number on the scale
was a reason to hate my own body.
I would never have wished to be in the room
with the man who didn’t listen
when I said no. I would never
have believed I was capable of weaving lies
that could cause so much hurt,
would never have wanted to break
so completely I walked through the world
like a ghost. And yet I have never been
more grateful for the breaking, the grieving,
the struggling, the loss. I didn’t know how resilient
I was until I was shattered. I didn’t know
how failure would teach me trust. Didn’t know
how pain would open me to feel more compassion,
to fall more in love with the world.
It would be a lie to say I am grateful for pain.
But I am grateful for this heart
that contains grief and joy,
grateful for this body that expresses
fear and courage, anger and hope.
Grateful to know myself not only as self
but also as whatever is holding me,
as great space holds the day—
how much bigger the world is now.
I would never wish heartbreak on you,
but if it comes, when it comes,
I wish you the gift of holding the heartbreak,
the miracle of opening
beyond what we ever dreamt was possible,
I wish you gratitude for life,
no matter how impossible it is
to say thank you.

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“We have a lot of things we are in the midst of. What do you think this moment is inviting us to understand? Where would you like to be in spring? Where would you like to see us as a world be?” 

—Kara Johnstad, Voice Rising Host, Om Times Radio

For a sliver

of a moment

I cradled

the whole world

in my thoughts—

every president,

peasant, seamstress,

beggar, businessman,

acrobat, child—

every one of us

a vessel

and I knew

in that instant

the power

of a wish—

as if hope

has a foothold

in reality,

as if a slim glimmer

is inevitable


of unstoppable radiance.

With quiet clarity

I knew exactly

what I wish

for each of us—

I told her, too—

but I will refrain

from telling you.

Instead, I’ll hand you

the question

so you, too,

might make a wish,

so that you, too,

might glimmer,

might beacon.

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Perhaps because I am cold

I want to bring you warmth—

isn’t that how it goes?

We wish for each other

what we most want for ourselves.

And so I wish you real love,

the kind that is as familiar

as brushing your teeth, as spectacular

as the sky tonight drenching the world

in pink just before

the dark took everything.

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If I had known to wish for this,

I would have—this day with its heat

and the way we found

the canyon, so narrow

and sculpted and smooth

with its creek so cold and shallow

and its falls not too tall to climb,

and my children

somehow quickly untamed

and willing to wade

and scale and explore.


Some days are like this,

no want to cajole or nudge,

no need to pretend things

are better than they are,

just laughter and shine

and feral wonder

and joy so wholly present

it’s only later I think to wish

it could last forever.



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One Undoing




blowing all the wishes

off the dandelion—

falling in love with nothing

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While driving west
through the dark
toward home, she looks
out the window and says,
Hey, Mom, a wishing star,
and I fight the urge
to correct her and say,
It’s a planet. Instead,
I tell her, Tonight
there are unlimited
wishes. She is silent
for a long, long time,
and at last she says,
There, now that’s a good one.
Meantime, I find myself wishing
for the days when Vivian
took great delight in whispering
to me her wishes.

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in honor of W-week at Mountain Sprouts Preschool

One Wednesday, I went a-walking
to make a wish on a star,
but because it was day
no stars lit my way.
so I wished on whatever I saw.

I wished on the wimpling wing
of a black bird perched on a wire.
I wished on a worm
and a wheel that turned
and a window that gaped ajar.

I wished on a white-seeded weed
that whirled on the whistling wind.
I wished on the woods
growing near where I stood
and I wished on a willow’s bend.

And I had so much fun a-walking
and looking for places to wish
that I went and forgot
the wish that I’d thought
was the most importantest.

Instead I found hundreds of wonders—
the water, the weather … Wa-hoo!
I remember! My wish
was to find happiness,
and wow, my wish came true.

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In Silence Haiku

different wishes on
the same star

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